Get rid of an Organization

Hi there everyone,

I’m pretty new here and I’d like some help fixing a rookie mixup. I’m now well aware that since I’m working on a personal project with a friend, I should be using a Workspace and not an Organization. However, for some reason I did not notice this and created an Organization using the email given to me by the volunteer group I help out. Our project is not associated with them (I only used this email because I commonly access it) and I’d like to remove the Organization from Asana; leaving my Workspace and personal email to work with. Is this possible?

I don’t believe removing the organization is the right solution, just remove yourself from it and create a workspace :+1:

Hi @Vincent_Puhakka, make sure to transfer your project from the ORG to your WS using Kothar and I would recommend reaching out to our support team about deleting your Organisation, they will be able to look directly into your organisation and advise you with the best solution!

Just don’t remove the org if people are using it :sweat_smile:

@Vincent_Puhakka, Fyi…for the copy tool, it is recommended to use the new version of Kothar which is


Thanks very much everyone. I’ve successfully copied my project into the workspace and am reaching out to the support team about how to remove the Organization. Don’t worry, nobody there is currently using Asana so it won’t ruin anything :rofl:

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