Organization Members and Roles

Hi Asana, is possible to manage organization members into roles?
Or did you plan to add this feature?
It maybe wonderful to organize team / project visibility.

Mario (pm, ppc)
Giorgio (pm, seo)
Luca (seo)
Giovanni (ppc)
Elena (assistant)
Valentina (ppc, seo)


@Riccardo_Mares, I upvoted too (and wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of Asana’s vision already).

In case you weren’t aware, in avatar menu > My Profile Settings > Profile tab, there’s a “Role” text field you can use as you wish now.

As you’ll see in the new Workload doc:

Asana is now using this within the product, in this case to allow you to filter, e.g., workload for all the PMs.

Otherwise, you could “manually” set up a project where each task is an org member and have a custom field for Role and that would enable you to see your org members in this way.


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Thanks Larry. What I need is a right management by role.
And the roles have to be assigned only by the Organization Admins.

About workload I continue to don’t understand why:

  • Asana didn’t add “task duration”
  • Asana didn’t create a real two-way synchro with Google Calendar (there is a software that does it, but not so fully)

I don’t understand too why Asana don’t follow some suggestions I gave to it about UX, as example: team filterting, search on project, …