Workload feature and general Tips

Dear Team,
we are using Asana for the past 4 years and we are considering to upgrade our subscription to business. Yet we have several questions that will help us to decide if it fits us.
In general, our method is that Asana is being used by 2 different yet integrated teams which creates tasks for each other and response them. Due to our method, once Team A creates a task to Team B, the task creator assigns it to a designated user that was made for each team (we had registered a user for each team), and then a member of a team assign it to itself and handling the task.

  1. Is it possible to set up Asana in a way that users will be classified under ceratin teams?
  2. Can we assign a task to a team? (and not to a team user as we are doing today)
  3. Can we export data from workload to excel? if yes, can it be made on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
  4. Does Workload feature has filters (such as categories of tasks, teams, etc)?
  5. As mentioned, on our team tasks are being assigned for multiples persons (moving from one team member to another). How does workload work in that matter? does it measure how much time a ceratin member handled the task? does it matter who completed the task?

Based on your knowledge, if you have any tips we would love to hear them,
Thank you.

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