Option to hide email addresses of other users

We invite both clients and subcontractors into projects in order to allow them to interact. Both are invited as Guests because they have limited access to only that project. We would like them to be able to interact through Asana and assign things to each other but NOT see each other’s email address every time they do. We want Asana to be a way that our clients and subcontractors can interact but not be able to get in direct contact with each other OUTSIDE of Asana.

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Hello @asana team
this is a very important feature.

We should be able to hide the email of clients and collaborators

Any plan ?

Totally agree.

A MUST HAVE for any collaborative platform, come on, please!

Even if i hope to come back, as I like it, I’m now moving to another platform due to this inconvenient.


As already read from other post from years ago, I would want to sugget you adding the option to tally hide email addresses of all users, only being visibles for themselves.

It’s like a silly detail that any user can see the email of any other one… in a collaborative platform supposed to be a placed where clients, contractors, and third party freelancers can work together. (But they shouldn’t be able to get in contact privately!!)

Here you can see some of the places where you can see anyone’s email: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Currently, if I like Asana, I’m using Teamwork, which already has this feature.

Thank you and best regards,

I totally agree with this feature.

We were just trialing out this platform and it was the first this we had to check.
It looks like it failed the first test.

Security of contractors and guest is extremely impotant and confidential.

I would highly recommend to have a option to tally high email address for all users.

Yes - this is paramount for me (I’m currently here on a trial). Is this possible?

I think this is available now. Working with guests in an organization • Asana Product Guide

Unfortunately, you can still see everyone’s email addresses as long as you’re still on the same project. Sounds like we all need the ability to hide all email addresses regardless of being on the same project or not. Seeing names (never emails) and contacting only through Asana would be our preference.

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Any update on this?
Very important feature

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