Only allow certain people to close (important) tasks

We have a board which we use for internally found bugs and it would be interesting to have a “lock” on completing a task if it was deemed that it needs to be tested by QA to verify that it indeed has been fixed.

In this case person A (Dev) would be working on the bug report and should only be able to update the task, comment or assign it to other people. Once assigned to person B (QA) the feature gets tested again and if verified the task can be completed by them.

One preferable sub-feature would be to have a group have this “ability” and have the project owner fill in that group so that this can be scaled easily.

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Thomas_Corremans!

This is a great question, we currently offer the option to setup your project permissions as Comment Only. By doing so, only Project members who have editing permissions can modify a comment-only Project and you can also select that the Project owner has edit access but thee rest of the members have comment only access.

Please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.