Assign edit privileges to read-only collaborators


we have a project with several external collaborators assigned to it in “only comment” mode. How can I assign a task to one of them and let him possible to edit the task (title and add subtask)?


A comment-only person, when assigned on a task, can complete the task. I don’t believe they can edit the title. That’s the way it is, no workaround other than giving them full rights I believe. @lpb correct?

The comment-only person cannot edit the title and the content, cannot add a subtask, although the task is assigned to him.
Is there any workaround?

I am wondering what is happening if the task is multi-homed into a project they have full permissions on. Would you test that scenario?

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Already tested. If I add the task to another project (in which they have full permission) they are able to edit title, content and add subtask

See also:

for a bit more but basically you’ve hit the high points.



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