Read/Comment only Projects

I’m confused. When I click on “Share” I am provided with a way to restrict users access rights to “Can comment” and there is text that says “The team can comment, but can’t edit anything in the project.” This appears to be false, since once a task has been assigned to a user they are able to change any of the custom fields. Please explain what I am missing here. Seems like they can edit custom fields which is more then commenting. Additionally, with the business plan you can lock these custom fields, but are you locking the title/name of the field or are you locking the value that gets added to that field?

Hi @john17, thanks for reaching out!

Comment-only permissions for board and list projects allow you to view or comment on projects without giving all members access to edit them. If you need that a user collaborate in the project you can assign them the task and this will give them access to work on that specific task only. If you don’t want them to edit the fields, you can add them as collaborators and they will only be able to comment.

In regards to the option to lock custom fields, when accessing the settings of your custom field, you can choose to make it editable by all Members or to restrict edit access to just yourself. This means only you can edit the custom field settings, for example, name of the field, add or remove drop-down options. Please note the field options can still be updated in the tasks, this option only limit the changes of the field settings.

We have an existing product feedback: Allow Project Owners to Hide & Make Read-Only Custom Fields. I suggest you to upvote!

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!