Comment only as default

Hi there,

We have a LOT of different projects within multiple teams. Whilst we would like team members to have an overview of what’s going on, it would be much more beneficial to make team members ‘comment only’ as default and only allow specific people who are added to a project to edit.

I realise we can change individual projects but we have about 1000 archive projects that we would need to go into and change, plus, it’s much more secure to give permission than people having to remember to restrict permission.

Is there a setting that already does this?


Hi @Jenny_Hickman, thanks for writing in!

I see what you mean, you can currently update the projects permissions individually but it’s currently not possible to set all projects in your Organization (including archived projects) as Comment only. I’ve gone ahead and moved your request to our #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote. I hope you don’t mind!

Hi, is there any progress on this? It would be extremely beneficial for my team if we could set ‘comment only’ as the default for new projects.

@Jenny_Hickman, @EJ_Mann, and others,

Until/if this becomes available, you can create a project template with this default setting (Comment only) as the only change to the otherwise blank template, and then create your new projects from this to achieve a workaround; the best you can do for now.

Hope that might help for now,


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