Nudge Reminders



If there is an overall project manager overseeing that the team is carrying out all tasks as they should - is there a way that they can ‘nudge’ somebody on a particular task that they know will soon be due or is overdue and the person responsible hasn’t even started it yet?

I can see you can ‘like’ a task which isn’t particularly helpful (this is not social media after all, but a project/task list), so can this functionality not simply be replaced with this instead?

Not all team members use the platform as diligently as they should… but at least they can ‘like’ things!!


To “nudge” your colleague you can use comments to warn him that the tasks will soon be overdue, and this is more friendly than a nudge button I think.

The like button can be used to say “thank you” or to confirm we have seen something, or to confirm we are taking into account a task someone has assigned to us. In my company we have decided to use it that way and we find it useful.