How do you remind colleagues of unfinished tasks?

Hi all,
I’m going to train my team on using Asana and I’d like to come up with some kind of a system for sending gentle reminders if people miss deadlines. I know that Asana does it for you, and I will stress in the training that it’s your responsibility of an assignee to inform people about delays, but what if the person doesn’t do it? Is it polite/good practice to comment on the task saying “Any news?” etc?
Will appreciate any advice :slight_smile:
Cheers, Sofia

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First we advise making task names specific and action-based. For example, instead of “Blog post,” create a task called “Write [title] blog post” and one called “Publish [title] blog post”, so there’s no question about what needs to get done. We also recommend always adding due dates.

I personally like to ask for updates on a task comment, I believe is good to keep the communication clear and as long as the message is “polite/good” as you mentioned I don’t see any problem :slight_smile:

It’s also good to set task dependencies so the assignee knows they need to complete an action for their colleague to continue with the next step.

I recommend you checking this section of our Asana Guide with resources for your Team Onboarding.

I hope this helps and I’m curious to see what others can share here!


I agree Emily. As an example, I recommend asking for updates in a more detailed, specific way. I find it’s more likely to get a response if I post a comment like “Is this getting close to being ready? Do you have everything you need from Ramon?” or “Did the X team ever confirm when they need to ship this?” or even “Should we downgrade this one given the Tuesday discussion on armadillo nutrition?” as opposed to a sea of “Any update?”, “Any update?”, “Any update?”.

The former method requires me to think about what might be slowing completion, and the other aspects of context for the task. I often find that there’s something that I or someone else should be doing to enable progress. It also gives the task owner something more specific and hence more compelling to respond to.


Hi there, I am new here. Interesting thread, thanks for the information.

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You coud also have some fancy setup with custom fields and rules. A custom field “actions” would contain “Ask for status update” option, and a rule would say “when the field changes to that option, then comment “Please share a status update” on the task”.


Wow this is an amazing tip Stephanie! Thanks so much. Will use this in my training :slight_smile:

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This is the next level Bastien! Thanks a lot for suggesting, will have a go!