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Hi, I just registered an account with Asana. I’m going to use it to plan my day and various tasks. I haven’t used an app like this before, but I think it will help me with my business!
I have a question if it is possible to set up email reminders. I want to be reminded of a certain task by email if the task is not completed on time.

If you head into your profile settings > notifications, you’ll see “daily reminder”.

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Welcome, @Jane19,

The recommended approach is for all team members to manage their My Tasks and Inbox to stay on top of their work. If they prefer they can change their My Settings > Notifications to turn on the Daily Summary email to get notified in the days leading up to the due date for upcoming incomplete tasks assigned to them. They should be encouraged to check their Home Page > My Tasks > Overdue widget to see any they’ve missed.

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Thanks a lot!

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