A notification or reminder sent to admin for unread task/project comments

Hi all,

Our project admin often leaves comments on tasks or projects for certain team members, but they are occasionally missed, and the task is not revisited until someone else thinks to check the progress of the task (or a client asks about it).

Is there some kind of reminder or notification that can go to our project admin if her comment is not responded to in X days?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Andrew_Knight4

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There is not a reminder feature per se to send people reminders for unread comments.
If they have not been checking their inbox in asana, then perhaps you can create a rule that if a task is approaching a deadline, or a certain status changed, then an automatic message is sent with that particular person tagged in this message.

This way, an automatic message will be resent to them.

Please note that Rules are available for paid tiers in asana.


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Hi @Andrew_Knight4 , this is a common pitfall of people not receiving notifications for something that is for their attention. Apart from @Rashad_Issa 's useful suggestions, the most basic thing that the project admin (or anyone) should do is @mention those ‘certain team members’ when adding comments. This will surely notify those members in their Asana Inbox, along with any collaborators who are already on the task.


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