Overdue tasks - too many reminders

Is there a way to get a reminder about Overdue Tasks in the assignee’s inbox, but NOT have the overdue reminder show up in the task comments? It really clutters up the comments and makes it hard to find conversations in the task. Attaching a screenshot for reference.
overdue task reminders

When we had the issue that the due date of the task due to its complexity has to be re-edited multiple times, we simply turned off the rule for adding such a comment. So the only way to remind you about the task due date was the manually written comment and/or DM.

Thanks! Would you get an alert in your inbox that something was overdue?


As you’ve seen, a custom rule like that becomes a burden to all and doesn’t really target the offender, so I recommend not using such an approach.

The recommended approach is for all team members to manage their My Tasks and Inbox to stay on top of their work. If they prefer they can change their My Settings > Notifications to turn on the Daily Summary email to get notified in the days leading up to the due date for upcoming incomplete tasks assigned to them. They should be encouraged to check their Home Page > My Tasks > Overdue widget to see any they’ve missed.




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