Project conversation Pinning

The project conversations have become really useful to track major project milestones & updates. But if no one comments on a thread for a while it gets lost or forgotten and hard to relocate (“where did that note get saved again??”).
While we have some processes in place to help with this, it would be amazing to be able to pin conversations somewhere that is project agnostic. Like the task list, but for conversations.
My most important conversations get lost in the inbox amidst the many other notifications that are less relevant.

What about creating a project with tasks and inside the description use an “@” to refer to conversations? Is it the process you already have in place?

Yeah, that’s basically what we do now but then you end up just changing the date and pushing it back a week or so at a time so it stays relatively high in your task list. Most of the conversations I find valuable are very evergreen and have implications over months at a time.
I find that any task without a due date can get a bit lost as well so I’m not inclined to let it sit without a date on it.

It is still important to review tasks hidden or later or lost without a due date on a regular basis, but that can become a complicated and long task :stuck_out_tongue:

My company uses Conversations as our files for our client interactions. It would be great to pin or mark important specific conversations. It would also be great to edit the conversation. Show the record of editing so it covers your tracks.

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Hi @Leslie_Wilkins and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to consolidate feedback.

I hope it’s OK! Have a great Thursday!

Our team would appreciate the function to pin conversations to the top of the screen ( to pin an important conversation above the most recent conversation) similar to the way you can pin comments to the top of the comment thread in a task. Thank you!


That’s a great feature request, @Ashley_Stauffer. I have merged your post with the existing thread on this topic so that you and other users can concentrate your votes in one thread :slight_smile:

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Agree this would be a good feature. Should be done in combination with the ability to delete conversations started by others as that is a major source of noise in the conversations

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So… a lot of compliments about it being a good point, one certified pro saying “here’s a clunky workaround” and no other feedback. Any solutions to this or do we stick with the clunky workaround?

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Additionally it would be nice if a pinned conversation had some prominence. Even when not in the conversation’s tab. For example a push pin icon with a number next to it in the header region on a board. For a team - perhaps displaying the titles on the overview page.