Notifications and inbox for person who not assigned to task

Hi. i have a project there i have a two invited persons , one is my developer who exactly work with tasks and second one is just a client(software owner) , that client (software owner) invited to project but not assigned as a performer of tasks. but he want to see all comments about all tasks assigned to developer, but his inbox is empty and he not get any notifications to his phone…
please dnt say that that is not possible please! how he can follow the workflow . i bought a premium…

Hi @ITpeople

Is the developer the only person being assigned tasks in this project? If so, on premium you can use the rule “Task added to this project > Add collaborators”. If not, you would need to be on business to create a rule for this “Task added to this project + Developer assigned to task > add collaborator”. If the latter is needed and business is not an option you may also want to look at Flowsana for additional options.


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