How to get notifications for task updates when following project but not task?

Our team has a project where we’re all following the project. When someone creates a new task but they don’t add us in as collaborators (a common occurrence), we get a notification for the new task but we do not get subsequent notifications when someone updates or comments on that task.

Is there a way to get these updates for all tasks if you’re following the project regardless if you’re following the individual task?

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Not natively no, you could probably create a Zap in zapier where - task is created in X project, automatically follow that task.

However I feel like if that’s your ongoing need, you should make a habit of just following the task when you get the creation notification. I think there’s an option to do it from the inbox alert itself. Kind of annoying for your needs I guess, but that’s what I would recommend =)

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I have the same requirement. As a manager overseeing lots of projects, it would be helpful to “follow” a project and get all the updates on every task pushed to my email via notification without having to constantly manually follow every task.

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You could use a rule in the project to say when a task is added to this project add Ryan, Steve etc as a collaborator automatically