An icon that will allow you to make yourself a collaborator on all tasks and or subtask

I’m a collaborator on the project, but I need to be notified anytime someone comments on any of the tasks or subtasks. The way I’m doing this now is to manually go from task to task and make myself a collaborator so that I can get these notifications. Is there a way to make it so that I can get all notifications? If not, then that would be remarkably useful.

Tell me you are at least multi-selecting tasks, 50 at a time? :slight_smile:

You can even run a search for tasks in project A-B-C and in “Collaborators” you can type “Not me” :). Save the search, open it everyday, and add yourself 50 tasks at a time.

PS: do you really need to be notified of everything? :scream:


Didn’t know I could do that, it helps quite a bit.

The scenario is that we use it with our clients to update their software. I need to know when they leave comments on any of the subtasks and the only way that I know to do that is to be a collaborator on the task.

If you know another way to accomplish that, that’ll be of great help.

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