Not sending team-invitations

I am trying to invite a new person to my team. I have done it both through the team section and from the dropdown in the top bar. In both cases, Asana gives me a success message of a new member being added to the team. However, the invitation is not shown on the members list and no e-mail is received on the other end. I have tried several different e-mails connected to different e-mail servers. The team has 12 members, and the limit is 15 (Basic plan). I have also tried to add to other teams and asked a team member to do it from their account. As well as switching between Chrome and Safari. Nothing was successful.

When I tried inviting through the link instead, that didn’t work either - it just stated that the person did not have access.

Hi @Sara_Mandrup_Holt welcome to the forum. I take it the new person has checked their spam.

Yes, of course. And as mentioned we have tried several e-mails, with different e-mail servers :slight_smile:

Might be worth reaching out to support alongside this post

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Hi @Sara_Mandrup_Holt, sorry for the trouble. As Danielle mentioned, this issue would require assistance from our Support team, and unfortunately cannot be resolved here in the Forum. Please submit your request to Support and they will be happy to help!

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