Email to join failing to send

I keep sending team members onboarding emails and they are failing to go through. What is the deal is it something I am doing wrong or is it asana?

Hi @Caitlin_E_Howley, welcome to the Community Forum and sorry for the trouble!

In order to best assist you, could you please confirm if you are receiving an error message or if you are able to send the email invites but the users cannot accept it?

If the new members are not receiving the email invites, unfortunately we don’t have the tools in the forum to troubleshoot this further. Please advise them to contact our support team: How to contact our Support Team ✉.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hi @Caitlin_E_Howley
please make sure they look into junk mailbox


No error message is present unless I try to add them from the app. Then it just says failed. From the desktop it says sent. At first I thought it was the person being invited. So I decided to test it by adding myself via my work email and I didn’t get an invite I tried 5 times. It is not in spam either. Do you have any suggestions or is your team able to add people from the back end?

Thank you!

Caitlin Howley

Hi @Caitlin_E_Howley, thanks for confirming this information! We’ll need to have a look at your account setup and investigate this further, I recommend you to contact our support team: How to contact our Support Team :email:. Apologies for any inconvenience and I hope the issue is solved soon!