Admin Console - Inviting Members

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Invited members are not receiving their email invites. Email does not appear in their spam/junk folder either. I have to cancel the invitation and then re-invite the member. The second invitation arrives to their email inbox perfectly.

Steps to reproduce: I have done this with three separate email addresses and it has been consistent.

Browser version: Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100

Hello @Crystal_Alifanow :wave:t3:

Any chance you could DM me the email addresses of these users to help us investigate?

Thank you so much for the additional details @Crystal_Alifanow; a couple of follow-up questions for you:

  • Could you confirm if these email addresses were already created and active when you invited them to Asana?

  • I suspect these emails have been blocked by your email provider before they made it to the Inbox (which explains why you’re into even seeing them in Spams). Can you check if your IT department has whitelisted for incoming emails?

Looking forward to your reply!

They were definitely created and active first.

I will check with our IT department. That may be the case as it’s become pretty stringent.

@Marie I checked with our IT team and this is the response I got:

Checking the email filter I see 127 messages the last 7 days from domain to [our domain name] domain

There was only 1 that did not get delivered and it is because the user [xxx@xxxx] rejected the message manually or has them on her person block list.

The person he specifically mentions is not one of the 3 I dm’d you.

Apologies for the delay in responding to you @Crystal_Alifanow, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team who will be more equipped to continue troubleshooting this issue with you. Make sure to provide them with the URL of this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything. So sorry for not being able to help you resolve this in the Forum, but I’m sure our support will get to the bottom of this issue for you! Have a lovely Friday!