I can not invite new members

I Cannot invite new members in my spece.

I try send by mail invention but Asana send me push-sms - inpossible.

I send though the app.

I use version of Asana Basic.

I Upload screenshots in attach

I think you should reach out to support

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Hi @Тимур_ADIS_decor ,welcome to the forum :wave:

It seems you may have hit the limit of maximum 15 users on the Basic plan…?
Could you kindly translate what the red error message says in English?


I use basic plan

Photo in attach push-messege -
green - we send iventation
red messege - impissible send invintaion. connetc with support sevice (sorry for my english))))

Ok thanks for that @Тимур_ADIS_decor!
In that case, as long as the email address of the person you are inviting is correct, then best to contact support as @Bastien_Siebman mentioned above.

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Richard, thank you for try help.
with my Best regards Timur

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