NO Dashboard showing


The dashboard l not show on all accounts how do I fix this?

Also How do I delete a workspace?


That’s a great question, @Angela_Malae. The top screenshot is your Personal Projects area, and this space doesn’t have Dashboards. All other workspaces and organizations should have a Dashboards area.

Regarding deleting a workspace, you can remove yourself from a workspace by clicking on your Profile photo, clicking “More”, and then “Remove me from this Workspace”. You can see more on this here:


Hm. But why i see dashboard link on my private workspace?

Link don’t work.

  1. Why is there no Dashboard in Personal Projects? It happens to be where I created all of my projects, even shared ones.
  2. Can I enable Dashboard on my Personal Projects?
  3. if not, can I move projects from my Personal Projects space to another workspace?


Hi @Chico_Membreno,

The standard Personal Projects space is not fully-featured. It’s a special type of Organization that every Asana user had by default.

Just recently we’ve removed Personal Projects from new accounts. The best solution would be to create a Workspace and designate it for personal use.

If you already have a lot of data within Personal Projects, you can use the integration below to migrate the data.

We don’t have a feature in Asana for moving projects between different Workspaces and Organizations. However, we may have a solution for you! It is possible to move a project (and its tasks) to a different Workspace or Organization by using this third-party app -

Since we did not develop this app we are unable to provide support for it, but we have seen people use it with success and we’re happy to recommend it. Please note that this app copies projects (and their tasks) to other Workspaces and Organizations; it will not delete the original.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have questions.


This looks really bad for old users. You guys should make integration across workspaces more friendly. Plus, If Personal space is limited, you should help your users transition.