Adding an external Asana project to my main dashboard

Hello there,
I’m new to Asana and love the program.
I’m looking for help on an issue I’ve encountered.
I recently have been invited as a guest on an external Asana project by a graphic designer who is doing some work for me.
The problem is I now have two dashboards.
Is there a way to have this project show up on my dashboard. Currently I have to go up to the top right corner, ckick on my account icon and choose the different different dashboard. The program also opens up at login with the external project dashboard rather than my own.
Is there something the external company or I can do to get around this issue or do a simly have to switch between the two dashboards.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Welcome, @Graeme_Furlong,

Asana has designed things this way to maintain separation, for better or worse, an there’s no other native way to handle beyond what you’re doing, though you may just want to keep two browser tabs/windows open, one set to each Asana workspace/organization, to avoid having to reopen all the time.

There are third-party tools that can allow you to sync between two workspaces/orgs but that involves extra effort and, potentially, expense.


Thanks for the response Larry will just have to work around this

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