New to APIs - correct choice for automation

Before I dive in, just to find out I cannot accomplish my goal, I’d like someone more literate to vet my concept. Thank you for your help!

I’d like to use the API in conjunction with Powershell to:

  1. store a list of individuals
  2. access the form for a project
  3. fill it with one of the individuals off my list
  4. submit it
  5. rotate a marker to the next person on list
  6. wait until script is triggered next week

rinse, repeat

This is basically an On-Call rotation. The form will trigger an assigned task with various sub-tasks to complete. I need to automate this process, rather than leaving it as a subtask for the outgoing individual to trigger the task for the next person in line.

Naturally if there is a simpler solution, that would be wonderful. I am wholly entry-level for any of this, but I’d like to not set a reminder for myself and manually submit the form every week.

Thank you.

Hi @anon39556109,

The is currently no forms support at all in the Asana API, so you won’t be able to implement your proposed solution using a form.

Based on your description, you could probably implement your solution using the API but you’d likely have to trigger the task/subtasks via the API and not via a form.

I’ve been clicking around the API explorer and noticed there was no forms section or references.

Are you saying I can insert a task/subtasks directly via the API? That would be fine, if I understand you correctly.

Thank you for your time.


You might consider using or for this. I think that would be the easiest thing. I think you could search for examples of similar recipes that operate with a list, and as @Phil_Seeman mentioned, you can just use the action of creating a task or creating a task from a template.

Hope that helps,


PS I merged your second post that got split into your first post.

Thank you for the merge!

Unfortunately we cannot, at this time, use any integrations. So I will need to cobble together something.

I’m excited to learn that I can insert a task via the API calls. Powershell works with Restfull APIs so hopefully I can wrap my head around that. I have rotated through lists in BASH, so I’m not too worried about that portion of the task.

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