fill an Asana form through API

Hello, my name is Mario, I’m new to Asana API (literally I just picked it up an hour ago)

I have a website on which I want to include three views, an information page, a registration form, and a thank you page, the form exists in asana, and my plan was to build the UIs for each of these views on Vue, and by using Asana API, pass the form data from the UI to fill and submit the form that we already created, but by checking the API documentation, I just can’t find a way on how to do that.

can you please point me to the docs that can help me to achieve this?
if that is not possible (fill and submit a form through API) what suggestions do you have for me to achieve what I want?


Hi @Mario_Mejia and welcome to the forum!

As you 've already seen, there’s no support for Asana Forms in the API.

But since you’ve built the UI for the form on your website, you don’t really need the Asana Form; you can just use the API to create a new task in the project. (Granted, you might have to do a little additional work, to populate custom fields for example, that the form does for you.)

Hi @Phil_Seeman

thanks for the answer, that will do the trick :slight_smile: , another question, is there a way to get the content of the form through the API? for instance if in my form I have name and email and then after some time I want to add a new field called phone, is there a way to retrieve the content of the form so I can build my UI dynamically based on the API response?

Thanks in advance!

No, there’s not.

In my Flowsana integration I handle this by parsing the body of the task Description to extract the questions and values. Not ideal, but it works.

If you map each question to a custom field, by looking at the list of the fields, you can kinda guess the form structure :thinking: would that work?