Create Asana Form Submission with own client (in game)


for our upcoming computer game we want to integrate an inbuild bug / feature request form. We thought using Asanas form capabilities would be a perfect fit because then we wouldn’t need to import the tasks later into Asana.

We had a quick look at how the web request works when submitting the form and it seems straight forward (POST against submitForm?id=… with the tracked payload structure). However: We are not very certain that this feature is intended to be used that way and will be stable over a longer period of time. We didn’t find an API documentation for app form submissions or something like that. And if we understood correctly creating tasks via the “normal” API would require a logged in Asana user (which our players aren’t).

Any hints would be appreciated.

Best regards

Hi @Bennet_Jeutter,

You are correct - Forms are not currently available via the API, and what you describe isn’t officially supported or endorsed. That said, you could do it if you want, so long as you accept that it might break at some point (but it might not!).


Thanks for the quick reply! Since I don’t really like the idea of the reporting breaking at some point i’m evaluating other options. I’d like to use a guest account who creates new tickets. We would use POST /tasks with the respective guest token then.

Is there any way to limit the guest user to only be able to create new tasks and not seeing already created tasks? I’m worrying about someone with skills taking the auth token and - at least - being able to retrieve the customer ticket backlog (since invited to that project).

No, sorry, there’s no access option that would do that.

Okay, would be cool to see something like this in the future. For now I created a little proxy web service which then talks to Asana API (so the end users aren’t able to get the token and do unwanted stuff with the API).

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