API/Linked Form Help Requested

We’ve just started using Wufoo form submissions for some projects. Is there any way to change who Asana records as the task creator from form submissions?

It’s putting my name there (presumably because I linked the form) but actually someone else entered this example below via our Wufoo form.

For record keeping it would be preferable if we could link the ‘created task’ note to a name field in the Wufoo form. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hello @ceturley,

Unfortunately you need someone with Asana account to create the task. So is not possible to map the created story with the name of the person who submitted the form.

One suggestion would be to create a bot asana user, and use this account to post the tasks from the submitted forms.

Yeah, ok. I thought that might be the case. Thanks for your suggestion - I actually might do that. At least then we have a record that it came via a form.