Wufoo Form and Task Fields Integration

I’m having trouble getting the Task Assignee or Collaborators to populate from the Wufoo form. Other fields come over fine and I can map them to Asana task fields. I used email form fields in Wufoo but they do not come come over to Asana. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

I got the Assignee to work but now the form does not show up in Asana as a task after submitting. Any ideas?


Hi @Design,
Thanks for reaching out! We’ll be glad to help. Could you please share screenshots of what you’re seeing? Once we have those we’ll be able to troubleshoot :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexis

Hi @Alexis ,

Sorry this message may have been repeated…

In regards to the issue I’m having I noticed the submitted form takes about 30 minutes to show up in Asana. And when it does, it duplicates across the rest of the teams that I have it available in within my organization. For instance, when the form is submitted from Team A, the Asana task also shows up in projects folders for Team B, Team C, Team D – assigned to the same person but to different projects in different teams. How did I get it to only show up in the Team it originated from? Please see screenshot attached. Thank you!