Integration between Asana and Wufoo lost


For some reasons our Wufoo forms have stopped coming through, the customer can complete the form in Wufoo but it never appears to coem through to tasks. We are on the Advanced plan in Wufoo but there’s no errors we can see

Hi @karen.hunt! Sounds like your Wufoo form might be disconnected! Can you follow the steps below?

  1. Access the project in which your form is supposed to generate tasks
  2. At the top of your screens, next to your project title, click on the “…” menu
  3. Select “Add tasks via” > “Form”

What can you see there? Are you prompted to connect your form?

Yes i’ve tried that, but it just asks to connect to wufoo to asana and to enter the wufoo domain and API but on clicking the link for the API it just takes me to an error page ‘error loading single form’

Thanks for trying it @karen.hunt! Is there any chance you could send a screenshot of what you see (please include your full browser’s window) to our support team? They’ll be able to take a closer look into this and escalate the issue to our Development team if necessary. You can reach out to support Following these steps:

All the best Karen!

I have the same issue…all connected and all confirmed…i even get the email when the form has been submitted with wufooo but not directly to asana