Wufoo / Asana Integration Keeps 'Unhooking'?

We set up a Wufoo/ASANA integration following this guide (Wufoo + Asana • Asana Product Guide), and I successfully added my Wufoo form to https://forms.asana.plus/. Everything was working great for about a month, when our Wufoo form was seemingly randomly deleted from the forms.asana page and we had to reconnect it. I figured it was a fluke (as I had connected other forms which remained); but the same thing just happened again this past week.

Is there any reason why my integration would continue to be removed? Is there any way for me to problem solve what’s happening? We use this integration as a ticket system and it’s very problematic for our business process when it just stops working.

Any help would be great.


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We are experiencing the same issue. And we use the forms for a work order request system. The thing is you don’t know it stopped working until someone contacts you and asks did you get my request…
As a work around for now - I am setting each form to send me an email notification. I can then verify the form submission created a task in Asana as it should and just delete the email. Not the best solution but until the Wufoo/Asana hook is more stable it will work.