Wufoo and Asana Integration Not Working


i just signed up for wufoo and integrated a form successfully with asana. however, the submissions are not creating any tasks in the project though i did all the steps successfully.
can anyone help with this?


turns out that one of the submitted test forms was received more than 10 minutes later


I’ve had it take up to 30 minutes for submissions to show up. So give it a while. I’m also providing that info to users so they don’t get frustrated waiting for their items submitted via Wufoo to show up in Asana.


Do we know why the delay occurs?


We use Wufoo to Asana as well and the hook seems to disconnect randomly. Frustrating actually. We have went back and made sure that Wufoo also sends an email upon form submission in addition to sending directly to Asana. This allows us to know when the hook drops and I can go in and reconnect. It’d be nice if this was not an issue.


I just upgraded Wufoo from the free version, to the lowest paid level ($19 per month), and amazingly the first time I submitted a form, the submission showed up in Asana in less than 30 seconds. (Previous delay was anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.) So perhaps free vs. paid is a factor.


I reached out to Wufoo yesterday and here’s what I got back:

_"Thanks for reaching out to us! Hm, that does seem like quite a long time – On our side of things, integrates are sent right when the form is submitted, so I’m not too sure what’s causing the delays. Can you send on over a link to the form? I’ll double check to make sure that there aren’t any website delays on our side of things. _

In the meantime, I also recommend checking in with Asana – They provide primary support for the integration with us, so they’ll likely be able to provide a bit more info and do a bit more testing. "

So I’ll send them the link to my form; what’s the best way to contact Asana help?


Just sent a help request to Asana. I’ll post again when I hear back.


Continuing my testing with the paid version of Wufoo; it does seem to reliably result in instant appearance of the item in paid version of Asana (vs. 10-30 min with free version of Wufoo).


For me, using Zapier as an intermediary makes all forms come into Asana more reliably and with more customization. That’s my preferred approach.



I tried with Wufoo through Zapier but I get a “We gots to be paid” error from Wufoo when testing the Zap. I’m not ready to pay yet, so can’t see how it works.


Just upgraded Wufoo and guess what: instant updates in Asana.