Wufoo integration


When I fill out a form using Wufoo integration, it can take 30 minutes for the asana task to be created. How can I speed this up?

Hi @David_Canul, which pricing tier of Wufoo are you using? The free version of Wufoo does not allow for a quick way for Asana to know when a new submission arrives so we rely on periodic checking. On Wufoo’s paid plans, we’re able to be notified of new submissions using webhooks which results in faster task creation in Asana.


Hi @TonyC, I am using the starter plan. What is the recommended tier?

Hi @David_Canul, any of the paid tiers (including starter) will suffice so there’s no need to upgrade. Although the average form delivery will be faster than users on a Wufoo free tier, there can still be instances where there is a delay which might be what you are seeing. We’ll take this as feedback and see what we can do to improve!

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Thank you, @TonyC.