Wufoo Forms, Tasks, and Collaborators


I am new to Asana and I am trying to support my end users.

We have a project created that accepts forms from Wufoo and creates a task from the form. When the form comes into the project and a task is created, it automagically assigns a collaborator to the task by default. We don’t want this to happen. Well, we don’t want this person assigned to the incoming tasks as they are no longer a member of this team. We have removed this person from the group for the project, but they are still added to the task by default. How can we change this?

I am assuming that when the Wufoo form was connected to the project in the Form Connector, it was configured to assign this person as the default collaborator to all new tasks created by the Project from the incoming form. I would like to confirm that this is accurate. Or is the default collaborator configured somewhere else?

I went into the Forms Connector and tried to edit the existing connection, but it appears that this cannot be done or at least cannot be done from here. Can the connection be edited? If so, from where and how?

I assume that if the connection cannot be edited then it must be deleted and recreated. Is this correct?


Hi @Bill_Hofius, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I believe this is configured on the Wufoo side. If you cannot edit the Wufoo form I would suggest creating a new form in this case :slight_smile:

I have looked at the Wufoo form itself and I don’t see any field/option/setting in the form to tell Asana to assign the task to a particular individual.

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