Asana/Wufoo Issue - Duplicate Tasks


We have Wufoo and Asana integrated to link a project request form. Over the past few months we’ve noticed that when a project request is submitted through Wufoo, Asana is creating multiple duplicate tasks of that submission. I tried recreating the integration but it is still doing this. It seems that the initial task comes in first (seen in the screenshot as the one with the due date shown) then a couple of minutes later the 4 duplicate tasks come in. Any clue as to what could be causing this?


We are having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I finally heard back from a support person and got it taken care of. It’s due to an old form integration that was still set up. You have to delete the old form integration in Wufoo, then create a new one in Asana’s integration wizard. To delete the old one, go into Wufoo and for the applicable form, click Edit > Add Integrations. Remove the old integration. Then go to Asana’s integration tool and create a new one. Hope that helps!