Asana forms should show created by logged in user

I just created an Asana form and when it’s submitted it shows that “Asana created this task”. I’ve done some searching, but to no avail. Is it really not possible to show the task was created by the logged in user?

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A form is usually meant to be used by un-logged users, there is no login mechanism, so the concept of “logged in user” does not make sense.

That being said, you can now lock down a form so they are being used only by members within the company, in this case it makes sense :slight_smile:

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You can also always create a custom field of “submitted by” or “requestor” to track that information.

Makes sense, but most of our users are logged in when they fill it out, so it’d be nice if it could detect that and track it, or force a login

Well there is a first name and email field, but I’m trying to avoid them filling it out manually.