Tracking who created a task using a web form

I created a Form for adding tasks to my board, sent the link to my team, and they opened tasks by filling out the form in their browser. But if I have questions, I don’t know how to identify who created the tasks. In the comments, the first comment is “Asana created this task”.

My teammates had to log in to their Asana account while filling out the form, so in theory Asana knows who they are. Is is possible to automatically track this? Or do I have to make a form field for them to enter their name?

Hi @Forrest_Trepte and welcome to the forum,

In the form’s Settings, if you make the form be “Organization only” AND you enable the “Add submitters in my organization as task collaborators” option, then their email address will be automatically included in your form fields.

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Thanks for the tip, @Phil_Seeman! Now there’s an email address field in the description that I can use to identify the task creator. That’s what I needed.

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