Wufoo form, task creation notification


I’m currently testing the Wufoo form integration and I’ve hit a stumbling block with notifications.

I set up the integration and the task populates in the Backlog column however I would like to receive a notification when that task is created but I don’t get anything…

As I understand the task created from the Wufoo form integration(which I set up as an admin) shows that I set it up - I can see this in the following line:

[my name] created this task using the Wufoo Forms Connector app

As Asana sees me as the creator I don’t get a notification - Any ideas how to work around this?

Create another account and use this one to create the tasks… :sweat_smile:

Hey Bastien - thanks for your reply. Is that really the only way to solve this in Asana?

Update to this - You can set email notifications from Wufoo when a form is submitted - so I just set that to email me.