Collecting data from Forms - using forms as Survey

I would like to send out customer surveys after an event and thought we could use FORMS. I cannot figure out how to collect all the data from the forms into one location.
Like how Survey Monkey allows you to see all the data in one shot.

I saw a topic where someone said to map it to a field, but I do not understand how that works and what field do I map it to? The FORMS guide doesn’t really go into “ADD A FIELD”.

I would love some guidance on this or is this even a possible task in Asana?

Hi @Dana_Vinci

Forms when submitted creates a task in the project the form is created in.

Form data drops into the description of the task created unless you connect that question to a CF (see attached). When you connect, then the input from the form gets put into the CF.

From there, you can run reports based off the CF values.


Hi @Dana_Vinci and welcome to the Forums!

@Getz_Pro does a good job at providing some guidance on how to map form submissions to a specific field. The only thing I would add is a link to the Asana Guide article on Custom Fields.

Also, here is another post on theforumss created by @Mike_Tammaro outlining how he created and uses Asana Forms for Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Hopefully this is helpful, but if you have further questions, feel free to post them here in the comments!



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