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Hi, my company is engaged in delivering catering to businesses and the private market. We need a form where we can place the different orders for each customer so we can get an overview of which jobs are coming. It’s great if it can be in a calendar so we can get a complete overview.
This needs to include information on date, delivery, time, address of delivery,menu, invoice information, prices, responsible for execution, chefs, waiters,etc.
Is there a form that I can use for this or is there anyone who can help me create this? I’m new to Asana so I can’t figure this out on my own.

Welcome to Asana and the Community Forum @Svein_Larsen!

You can certainly create a form and include all of that details! In this article you can find the steps to create a new form.

If you have custom fields in your project, they will show up in the sidebar automatically. You can add custom fields as questions in your form by simply clicking on the custom field that shows up in the available custom fields column. You can rename the field as a question for form submitters. When someone fills out the form, their answer will map directly to the custom fields in your project and any information submitted from your form will show up in the description of the task that’s created.

I also recommend you checking this thread: Enhanced Forms support - now with Flowsana you can set a form’s due date, assignee; send confirmation email to submitters . You can also ask @Phil_Seeman if you have any questions about Flowsana!

I hope this helps!

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