Automate task creation through Forms

Hi! I am looking for a way to automate the task creation in a workflow via forms. Basically I want to automate the manual insert of data into the Asana Form when creating the task and launching the workflow. Is anyone aware of such a possibility? Thank you


@Pavel_Moraru :wave: Welcome to the community!
I’m not sure I understand your question. When using a form it automatically creates a task with the information form the form. Not sure what else you want it to do. Could you elaborate.

Hi @Pavel_Moraru,

I have some more to add from what @Paul_Grobler said…

Those tasks being created by the form will trigger the workflow.

The section of “How are tasks being added to this project?” is strictly informative. It shows all ways that tasks can be added to the project: manually, any forms created, as well as any template tasks that exist. “Manually” will always show as an option, as anyone that has full access to the project can create tasks manually.

Hi @Paul_Grobler and @Christine_Bolton . Thank you for your answers.

I understand that I can manually input info into a form, submit it and that would trigger a workflow, if I program it so.

What I am asking is if there is any available feature or add-on which would, automatically input data in a form from an external file (excel, gsheet) and submit the form, thus triggering the workflow. I want to exclude the manual insertion of info and submission of the form.

Thank you

Automatically… you could possibility use something like Zapier to do this. Otherwise, you can manually import a file & it will trigger the workflow based on the content in the file.

If this doesn’t help, I think it would help if you explained your workflow a little more in detail so that @Paul_Grobler and I could understand why you would want to use the excel or gsheet file, and have that document input the information into Asana instead of directly inputting the information into Asana.

Thank you. I am looking into Zapier. I hope this will do what I need.

If I understand correctly, you are looking for integrations between Asana and Google Sheets. I Agree that Zapier is a good option. You can also investigate Unito with their Asana <> Google Sheet 2-way Sync feature.