New task is not created from "My tasks" when the name is blank

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When using the “Add task” button in the “My tasks” view, no new task is created if you change the due date as the first action.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to “My tasks”
  2. Click on “Add task” above the task list
  3. Before doing anything else, click on “No due date” in order to add a due date
    -> The newly created task disappears, the currently viewed task switches to the task last opened (or the top task if none was open). The due date is changed for that old task.

Browser version:

Chrome 86.0.4240.111, 64 bit

Upload screenshots below:

Does the task have a name?

If the name is blank, Asana will delete it automatically also if you try to add a comment, etc.

If you have at least one letter in the name, then this behaviour is unexpected.

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It does not have a name; I didn’t know it was intended behavior. In that case, it’s not a bug, of course; but why does Asana want to force me to enter a name first, and not a due date or something else?

Hi @Pavel_Sirotkin

It was originally one of the biggest complaints, feedback the issue where you could so easily create a Blank task that kept staying in Projects or My Tasks.

When Asana first made the update it cause some problems because people used the blank task as a split or barrier for some projects. So now alot of us either use Sections or name the task —

Asana only deletes the task once you click out of it… Can I ask what is your scenario that you assignee it to someone or create a due date but don’t add a Name?



Hi @Jason_Woods,

first, I’m quite new to Asana, so it’s a relatively uninformed opinion.

I did intend to add a name — it was just that the date was more important to me at the moment, and so I wanted to add that before thinking about the specific name. So I clicked on the due date, which didn’t seem to work; I clicked it again, set it, and then noticed that I actually changed the date of a completely different task. Now I understand that the first click on the due date didn’t “not work”, it just discarded the new task and focused on another one, but I needed a bit of time to grasp that. I just think there’s potential for confusion.