Asana task no longer default to same due date when you hit "enter" to create a new task in the list

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In the past, when you click on an existing task with X due date and hit “enter”, a new task line would be created with the same X due date by default. Now, when you hit “enter” it defaults the new task to no due date at the very bottom of the list (because I sort by due date)

Steps to reproduce: Click any existing task. Hit “enter” key. Due date will be set to “No due date” by default

Browser versions: (1) Microsoft Edge Version 111.0.1661.41 on Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.19044 and (2) Macbook Pro OSX 11 Big Sur on the latest Chrome version

Upload screenshots below:

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We’ll wait to see what Asana has to say, but I am pretty certain this is not a bug, but instead a change of heart after people complained this did not make sense. This is the kind of features where half the users want it and the other half doesn’t… :sweat_smile:

Perhaps, however, in a longer list the new task appears at the bottom off-screen, which means you are not typing text into a box that isn’t on the visible part of the page. That’s a cardinal sin in UI design. So either it’s a bug or a very poor decision by the design team.


Furthermore, the behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes, when I press “enter” as described in the bug report, a new task is generated as I indicated, but the cursor remains in textbox of task I was previously clicked on, which completely breaks the functionality of press enter to create a new task.

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Hi @Mike_S1, sorry for the trouble. As Bastien mentioned, this doesn’t seem to be a bug, but an update to this behavior in Asana. That said, I was not able to replicate the intermittent issue you mentioned. The cursor is normally moving to the new tasks created on my end every time I try. Can you confirm if this happens in different browsers so I can reach out to our Developers?

Thanks Venessa. Right now, I am using the asana task list in both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows 10. Both are the latest versions of the browsers.

To test the intermittent issue of the cursor not moving, I created a new task list and entered fake tasks. In the new fake list: my experience mirrored you. The cursor indeed moves to the new task in the new list all the way the bottom with no due date. However, in my existing list with real tasks, the cursor doesn’t move and the screen doesn’t automatically scroll to the new task at the bottom of the list.

I understand intermittent bugs can be extremely hard to fix, but I wonder how many users are impacted…

Aside from that issue, I find the forced change in the behavior pretty frustrating. At minimum, I’d expect the devs to add an adjustable setting, instead of blindly changing this behavior after many years. I’ve been on the platform for 8 years and have historically always preferred asana over other task management platforms. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Hi @Mike_S1, thank you for testing in different browsers, and sorry for the delay. I completely understand your point. I’m in touch with our team about this issue and will get back to you as soon as I have more information to share!

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Hi @Mike_S1 thanks for your patience. Our Developers have confirmed that the due date behavior was changed in our latest updates, and unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible to revert it. However, they’ve noted your feedback for consideration.

Regarding the intermittent issue, it’s really odd that it’s only impacting older projects. Because I cannot replicate on my end, I recommend that you reach out to our Support team. They will have the necessary tools to dig into this further.

To expedite the process, please kindly include the following in your request:

  • The link to this thread, so they can have some context;
  • The URL of the project where the issue is happening;
  • Confirm the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken;
  • A screencast of the issue.

Since we are escalating this to Support, I’m moving the thread to the Closed section, but let me know if you need anything else!

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