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We are just porting over our clients to Asana. We are a design agency. Our goal is to setup TEAMS meaning each team is related to each client.

My question is I created our head team which is only for internal use. And within that I created a project template so that I can just clone within each new team when a new client signs up instead of having to redo everything.

The issue were having is when duplicating the project it carries over everyone from the head team to new team. Is there a different way to do this?

Hi @PixelBull_Team , if I’ve understood correctly, you are actually using Project Templates and not simply duplicating a project, correct? Either way, I’ll provide an answer for either case below, but assuming that you mean project members are added to the new project, based on my understanding of this:

If you are using a Project template, click into your project template, then the white Edit button which will take you to the Template editor. There, you should be in 1. Project content (you will notice this in the area on the left).

In the upper right corner you should normally see a button ‘Project Membership’, as per screenshot below.

But in your case I suppose you see profile photos of your team members instead. These are the members that will be added to every new project that is created using this template. I suggest you clear all members that you do not want to use, as per below screenshot

These members are not to be confused with the people who can access this template. These are found in ‘3. Settings’ of the template editor under ‘Template access’ where you can set them to edit or just use the template.

If you are instead using a project that you simply duplicate, then make sure you uncheck the ‘Project members’ option, as per below, before create the new duplicate project.

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