Use one Template in multiple teams

How do I use the same template in multiple teams? I do not want to change it for each team everytime I want to update the template.

Hello @Fabian_Nöthe I assume you are referring to project templates.

Project templates are created and can be accessible by organisation members regardless of the team they are in. Check this article for guidance and to see how to make this happen.

Once a template is created, you can see how individuals can use the template to create a new project with our touching the template itself.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Fabian_Nöthe , to add to @Rashad_Issa 's useful link, you may also need to adjust your template settings in the template editor (Settings is the 3rd and last step) in the new Templates v2 which are now considered as ‘objects’ (not projects) that live within a Team - and I gather this is your issue.

So in the settings, apart from adjusting the Privacy settings (as per below snip) you can also invite members from other teams to access the template.

:exclamation: Note, by inviting members from other Teams to a Project Template, means they will have visibility to the Team that the project template is located in, meaning these members will:

  1. be able to see the Team name appear in their left navigation tab
  2. be able to access the Team page and see the other members within that Team
  3. be able to see the project template that you have given them access to
  4. not be considered ‘full’ Team members so they will NOT be able to see any other projects (even projects public to the Team members),

But to keep things simple and retain privacy between Teams, another alternative I sometimes recommend to clients that need to use a common template across numerous departments is to create a team called ‘TEMPLATES’ where members from all these departments have access to, and thus that is where they all store the project templates that they have in common.

Just be careful when creating a project from a template to select the correct Team that you want the new project to be created in (as per below snip) since you do not want to create the new project in the TEMPLATES team. But even if done in error, you can always move it to the correct Team later.

Hope this helps :wink:

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