Project Template carries over Project Roles

I have created a Template for use within my large organization.
It appears that when someone lands upon my Template, their name is added beneath ‘Project Role’. The problem here is that each time a new associate lands upon my template, and then uses the template to create their own project, each member beneath ‘Project Role’ is carried over.
This is not acceptable for our use case considering there may be hundreds of associates who land upon my template.
I would like to either 1) prevent users names from being added to Project Roles when they land upon the project, or 2) when users create their own project from my Template, Project Roles do NOT carry over.

Is this possible?

Hi @MiKall_Dominski, thanks for reaching out!

This is a great question, when you create a new project from a template, all members that are part of the project template will be automatically added to the new project and you will see them under project roles. The new project will be a exact copy of your template.

As a workaround, you can set your project template as comment only so no one can join the project. Alternatively, you can duplicate the project using the “Duplicate” option in the project settings. This allows you to remove project members when duplicating your project:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Emily, thanks for your response!
Unfortunately, it seems as if the ‘Comment only’ feature does not fix the problem.
And while the ‘Duplicate’ option seems to be a workaround, it’s not efficient for my use case.
I’m curious if there may be a webinar or personal training I could attend to explain my use case and learn deeper about Public/Private teams and projects.
I have watched the videos already on the Asana youtube, but have further questions.