adding all team members to project template by default

Hey guys - we have a lot of project templates. when we want to use a project template we’d like all members of the ‘team’ to be automatically joined to the project but i can only see a way of individually adding each member of the team one at a time to the template.

Anyone know how to add the whole team?

Hi @Lee_Cottrill ,

afaik, this is not possible (I tried adding a team and adding a comma-separated list of emails and neither worked).

That said, you could set the project permissions for that nebulous “Members” section (currently “Editor”) to your desired level and make the projects created from this template public to the team they’re in. It’s not perfect, but everyone on the team will have access to the project at the desired level. The downside is: they won’t get notified when the project is created (the way they would if they were true members), they won’t show up on the member list (affects search results), etc.

EDIT: Another option - you could create a project from your template, bulk add everyone’s email to the created project (you can copy/paste from a csv), then convert that project back to a template. This isn’t a very clean workaround, but that new template should explicitly include all those people.

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thanks for some options here Stephen!