Auto-set New Projects to Add All Team Members


I’m have an Advanced account for my non-profit and have a total of only five team members. Most projects we work on involve all team members. When I create a new project, is there a way to automatically set it to add the entire team as collaborators to the project instead of manually adding them? I’m find myself often forgetting that step and then people who aren’t yet assigned a task cannot see the project.


Hi @Gina_Roberts , welcome to the forum :wave:

There are a couple of things you could try:

  1. If the projects are created within the same team, then all you need to remember to do, upon project creation, is to set the project to ‘Public to team’ rather than ‘Private’. That means that all team members will have access to the project and can join it if the want to, without requiring any approval. So if privacy is not an issue for projects that you and your 5 members work on, this would be a good option.
    You can always change a project’s privacy setting (Public vs Private) at anytime, using the blue Share button in the top right.

  2. On the other hand, if you use project templates when you create a new project, edit your template and make sure that in step 1 of the project template editor page, to select your default members in the upper right corner of the template editor. So whenever you create a new project based on that template, your default members will be automatically added to the new project as members (or commenters, whatever you choose in the template editor).

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