When creating a project from a template, I want Project Access Settings to default to "Team Only"

It now defaults to “Private to members”. I’ve marked anything around access to Team when creating the template.

Projects are created from a task that comes in via a form (using rules).

Hi @Pieter_Willems ,

Interesting, there are a few recent posts about default privacy levels for projects created from templates (see here and here). They’re not exactly the same as your request (in fact, they are requesting the opposite, i.e. change default to private), but I think it’s all of a theme (i.e., have the ability to set default privacy permissions at the template level). I would also very much like this functionality, esp. for projects converted from tasks (like your use case, I do this frequently).

I’m curious how your projects default to private, since mine (and seemingly many others) default to team only. Did you create this template from a project? If so, was that project set to private? Is your team private, membership by request, or public?

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