Confusion between Created Teams and the Shared Members function at the top of the project?

So I’ve been using Asana now for about 3 months. Created a few templates for our business that we use for all our projects. My confusion comes in about adding members to a project.

When I created the original template, we created it, assigned people to the tasks that they would be doing and when it was done, it showed me and my wife in the upper “Share” area of the template. Fine.

When I create a project, you add the new name, start date, then select what “TEAM” you want assigned to the project. In this example, we have a team created called Research Team. Has 5 people in it. Select create project, it does its thing adding the new tasks and timeline. Great.

Now if I want to add a new person to this project, Sure I can add them to the Research Team and expect they would be a part of the project, OR do I add them to the SHARE project at the top of the project.

I’m just really confused as to what has priority for the project. The TEAM selected or the SHARE project at the top and what is the correct way to add a new member? Sure I can add the new member in both places but seems a duplication of work?

I’ve read thru all the help and its just not clear to me, what takes priority and what the proper way to handle adding members should be done. Says now to do it, but not anything about the upper SHARE button.

Thank you for your assistance on this. Hope my note wasn’t too confusing?

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I believe it could be summarized this way: a member will see a project if he is a project member OR if he is a team member and the project is public OR if the team and project are public.

Usually people have most teams and projects public, and they only add members on projects that need specific permissions (like commet-only).

Does that help?

Yeah that helps. So in a nutshell, the more a member is connected, they more they see.

In a nutshell you need to look at, in this order: task collaborator, project member, project visibility, team member, team visibility

Thank you!
Have a good weekend

Ron Baier