New project colors to help with multiple projects

It would be helpful to have ore project color choices. Some of us have multiple projects, and many of them might be the same task. For instance, a contractor may have “See Estimate” as a task for 8 or 9 different projects in a day. I do realize color options are limited if we want them to be easily distinguishable from each other, but even if each color was offered solid, striped in one direction, striped in the other direction, etc. This would easily give us so many more color options for project identification at a glance.

Hi @Lou_Buono_Jr, thanks for reaching out!

We have recently added more options to customize your project and its color, you can see more information here:

I see you’d also like to have the option to striped the color in different direction, would you like to have this option when you see your project details or when you access Timeline view?

Hi Emily,
Thanks for your response. I did see the project icons, but I’m looking for a way to have more color options when I’m in task calendar view. The striping is just a quick thought in order to just have added ways to differentiate between projects when in calendar view. In other words, there are 16 color options now, but just by adding a striped version of each color, it would double the color options to 32. A yellow project can be differentiated from a yellow striped project. Just a thought with the main idea of having more colors.

Thanks for the extra information @Lou_Buono_Jr!

This is a great request and I see how this can be useful for your workflow, thanks again for sharing! We have few product feedback requests about this topic that you may be interested in upvoting:

I hope this helps!